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The tree stand by the road

BCC-41311  The tree stand by the road

photo by McDa on 23 Oct 2019

Common Lime [Tilia x europaea]

Located in Clifton and Durdham Downs

Tree No. 1 on the Granny Downs Tree Trail.

Limes are tall, long-lived trees so were a popular choice for planting in avenues such as this one which stretches over to the grand houses on Westbury Park. Common limes are a hybrid between small-leaved and large-leaved limes. Flimsy, heart-shaped leaves; smooth apart from tufts of white or buff-coloured hairs where the veins meet on the undersides (compare this to the large-leaved lime later in the trail). Sweet-smelling pale-yellow flowers hang down in clusters in midsummer.

Walk down the footpath for 60m. At the second bench turn right and cross the grass to tree 2 which has a bench directly in front of it.

Tree Care 3

22 Oct : KitW  measured and took some photos for 30 minutes. fungus at base?
22 Oct : KitW  remeasured the girth - now 260cm for 20 minutes.
22 Oct : McDa  cleared weeds and mended cage for 60 minutes. This tree is a delight to see

The tree has had 110 minutes of care.

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